Engineered High Performance Surfaces & Flooring

Restaurants & Bars

We manufacture ultra-durable, seamless flooring solutions engineered specifically for the food and beverage industry. These resinous floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain and offer a variety of design options. Benefits include; thermal shock resistance, seamless flooring, antimicrobial, slip-resistant, USDA, FDA and CFIA acceptable.


  • Seamless, easy to clean and maintain
  • Thermal shock resistance for forced steam cleaning
  • USDA, FDA* and CFIA** acceptable
  • Slip resistant even when wet
  • Adjustable coefficient of friction ranges
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Stain resistant to acids, oils, juices, cleaning chemicals, etc.
  • Flooring options available for both front and back of house
  • Vertical options for wall protection in kitchen and restrooms

* Can be used in USDA facilities based on FSIS Directive 11,000.4 (Rev. 1), November 24, 1995.
** Agriculture Canada (also known as Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

Case Studies


  • Name: Restaurants & Bars
  • Finish: Gloss or satin
  • Surface preparation and detailed application instructions available on request
  • Manufacturer: Elite Crete Systems, +1-219-465-7671
  • Interior and exterior dining areas
  • Bars and taprooms
  • Brewpubs and tasting rooms
  • Entryways and waiting areas
  • Kitchens
  • Freezers and cold storage
  • Dry storage areas
  • Restrooms

3D Model (Videos & Pics)

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