Engineered High Performance Surfaces & Flooring


The two most commonly used flooring products specified for educational facilities are cost-effective vinyl composite tile (VCT) or expensive terrazzo. Our various resinous flooring systems compete with the lower cost associated with VCT and the high-end durability of terrazzo, while being easy to clean and maintain. These seamless floor coatings can be customized to match school colors and logos.


  • Cost-effective compared to other commonly used product options
  • Ultra-durable, high abrasion resistance; withstands heavy traffic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Design and color options to match school colors and mascots
  • Non-porous compared to commercial carpeting
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial options available
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Systems for new or existing construction
  • Finish options include high gloss or satin
  • Variable coefficient of friction (COF) levels to meet or exceed ADA Flat Surfaces, ADA Inclined Surfaces, OSHA and NFPA recommendations
  • A fraction of the cost of terrazzo yet similar in appearance options
  • Our flooring systems compared to conventionally used VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)
    1. Require exponentially less maintenance
    2. Incomparable levels of durability
    3. Do not require a floor finish
    4. Antimicrobial without joint lines like VCT
    5. Less down time compared to installation/replacement of VCT
    6. Cost comparable +/- to VCT

Case Studies


  • Name: Education
  • Finish: Gloss or satin
  • Surface preparation and detailed application instructions available on request

3D Model (Videos & Pics)

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