Lucky Duck Pub

Opened in January of 2016, the Lucky Duck Pub in Taylor Mill, Kentucky has a REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floor that still looks brand new. Prior to the floor being installed, the floors were a disaster. There was ceramic tile, VCT, carpet, carpet glue, stained concrete, 700 feet of cracks and plumbing cutouts…anything you can imagine was in this building. Being in the restaurant business, the owners requested something that was easy to maintain and extremely durable and they got just that. The system used PT1™ with the color titanium as the base along with Elite Crete blue and charcoal pearl. As they transitioned into the washrooms, they used a bubblegum pink in the women’s and a slight different blue in the men’s. The owner’s chose the colors based on the town’s huge fan base of University of Kentucky basketball.


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