• 25 August 2015
  • by Elite Crete Systems

The Benefits of Industrial Floor Coatings

Due to their extreme durability, strength and cost-effectiveness, epoxy floor coatings are the top choice for all types of industrial settings. An epoxy floor coating is made up of a mixture of resins and hardeners, which bond to concrete to form a seamless protective layer that is incredibly robust and resistant to abrasions and spills. Read on to learn about some of the industrial settings that benefit from using epoxy as industrial floor coatings.

Parking Garages and Decks

Parking garages and decks are essential for building construction and urban planning, and they need to be protected from damage from water, sunlight, weather and de-icing salt. Epoxy floor coatings provide the protection outdoor concrete floors need and can be applied to both new and existing concrete floors. Epoxy flooring is also slip-resistant, which will prevent people from slipping and falling in the event of rainy weather.

Warehouses and Factories

Without the right industrial floor coating, a warehouse or factory floor will be susceptible to damage and need costly repairs and maintenance. An epoxy floor, however, can withstand heavy foot and the wear and tear of heavy machinery and forklifts. These industrial floor coatings are also resistant to chemical spills. Should you spill something on the floor, it can simply be wiped up with a mop and soap and water.

Dealerships and Automotive Showrooms

Industrial floor coatings can be customized with any pattern, design and color you can think of. This is particularly advantageous for dealerships and automotive showrooms because they can use their flooring to market their brand. Additionally, an industrial floor coating like Elite Crete System’s Reflector Enhancing Flooring has a reflective finish, which helps bring out the beauty of the vehicles being displayed.

These are just some of the many industrial settings that can benefit from installing an epoxy floor coating. To learn more about our industrial floor coatings at Elite Crete Systems, contact 1-888-323-4445.


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