Barbie House

The Dream House Experience: This walk-through attraction was located on the 3rd floor of the Mall of America in Minnesota. Each room in the doll house was themed and had a total of 14 different flooring combinations. Some including: kitchen, balcony, bedroom, closet, runway and Paris Street. The systems were chosen for the durability and the high-end look “Barbie” would expect. All the floors inside Barbie’s house were a 4-coat system [PT4™base, PT1™ REFLECTOR™ coat [sometimes 2 or 3 applications to get the designs], a sacrificial PT1™ for increased strength and finally AUS-V™ with 9-12 Tbsp of aluminum oxide per gallon mixed. Unfortunately, this floor no longer exists because it was only meant to be a temporary attraction that opened in 2012 and closed in August 2015.


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