The HERMETIC™ Aircraft Flooring System is a high performance, self-leveling, resinous coating engineered for aircraft hangars and specialty aerospace floors such as NASA and the U.S. Armed Forces. This floor exhibits exceptional resistance to chemicals common in such environments including Skydrol fluids and other petrochemicals.


These are just some of the ways our clients have used HERMETIC™ Aircraft Flooring System.


HERMETIC™ 4.8S Urethane Cement Slurry

imageHERMETIC™ 4.8S Urethane Cement Slurry

Three component, thermal shock resistant, urethane slurry, durable flooring system...

HERMETIC™ Stout Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Stout Flooring System

A high build, double broadcast system using quartz aggregate...

HERMETIC™ Quartz Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Quartz Flooring System

A high build, double broadcast system using a decorative colored quartz aggregate...

HERMETIC™ Paramount HD Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Paramount HD Flooring System

An extremely high build, heavy duty, trowel applied resinous mortar flooring system...

HERMETIC™ Paramount Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Paramount Flooring System

A high build, self-leveling, resinous slurry flooring system...

HERMETIC™ Neat Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Neat Flooring System

A high build, self-leveling, clear or pigmented resinous flooring system...

HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring System

imageHERMETIC™ Flake Flooring System

A durable, seamless, chemical resistant floor ...

Reflector™ Enhancer Flooring

imageReflector™ Enhancer Flooring

A specialty, high build, self-leveling, fluid applied floor coating...


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