About Us

About Elite Crete Systems


Elite Crete Systems, Inc. is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialty high-performance flooring products for:

• Decorative/Architectural Concrete Systems and Finishes
• Concrete Surface Repair and Protection
• Custom/Seamless Fluid Applied Commercial Flooring
• Industrial High-Wear Protective Floor Coatings

Our products provide versatile applications for commercial flooring, residential flooring and industrial flooring. Some examples include the following: retail, hospitality, educational, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, auto dealerships and restaurants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, airplane hangars, service bays, food service/manufacturing facilities, cold storage areas, chemical containment areas, parking decks, medical/veterinarian, municipal buildings, pool decks and a multitude of residential uses.

As one of the largest and well known specialty resinous and concrete floor products manufacturer, we are proud to boast over 100 specification and technical support & specification assistance offices worldwide to help architects, project managers, facility managers and property owners with their projects.

Elite Crete Systems brand is driven to provide solutions, performance and ignite the imagination of architects and property owners. Building on its legacy of innovation, market-leading resinous and polymer modified cementitious technology, the company manufactures high performance surfaces and flooring for a multitude of uses. The essence of the brand is communicated through thousands of professional contractors who depend on Elite Crete Systems products to provide them with the very best while they redefine what is possible while providing needed solutions.

Decades of Elite Crete Systems innovation have led to a full array of market-leading products and systems including high performance flooring solutions, restoration systems and decorative finishes. The company continues to build on its heritage of authenticity by reinventing products from scratch to achieve superior quality and genuine innovation that delivers the unexpected. Today, Elite Crete Systems is a global icon offering products, systems and solutions in more than 100 countries.

Elite Crete Systems Technology:

The authenticity of Elite Crete Systems inventions are backed by state-of-the-art research, testing and production facilities. Ideas enter our world out of need for solutions. New products take shape as prototypes and are tested extensively in laboratory and real-world settings until they are truly time tested and meet performance expectations. Only then are new inventions ready for the real world.

Technologies that reinvent performance in our core categories of resinous and cementitious technologies transcend to the general public with innovations that serve all. In addition, aggressive engineering and product design technologies are matched with the best materials available to produce products and systems that are made for the applications intended. As with all research and development categories, this leads to crossover of performance innovations to the general public for virtually any surface that can be walked or driven on.

If you would like to learn more about us or have any questions regarding our products, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.