• 19 June 2018
  • by Elite Crete Systems

Updating Commercial Kitchens to Meet Government Guidelines


When it comes to the commercial kitchen industry there are certain regulations that need to be met. Making sure you have not only a quality floor, but also a durable and long-lasting one is extremely important. Choosing any of our HERMETIC™ Flooring Systems would make a good solution.



HERMETIC™ 4.8S Urethane Cement Slurry is available in a variety of colors and engineered to be FDA, USDA and CIFA acceptable for applications in food manufacturing, packaging and serving facilities. This flooring system is engineered to withstand forced steam cleaning on a daily basis, along with its resistant to bacterial growth makes it ideal for most food and beverage manufacturing and serving facilities. Non-slip when wet, will withstand severe traffic exposure. These are some of the benefits when it comes to updating your commercial kitchen floors.


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