• 26 June 2018
  • by Elite Crete Systems

Surface Preparation – Industrial – Resinous

Making sure surface preparation is done correctly the first time is extremely important. It may take a little extra time, but the ending results create a longer lasting more durable surface.

The first phase of installing an industrial floor coating is proper preparation of the concrete substrate.  Surface preparation consists of five steps: 1) moisture vapor testing; 2) removal of existing finishes; 3) crack repairs and patching; 4) inspection; 5) mechanically prepared to a profile of 3 as per International Concrete Repair Institute; inspection


1. Testing for the moisture vapor emission needs to be performed in accordance with ASTM F2170 Relative Humidity Test Method for Concrete Slabs. If a potential problem is found it needs to be addressed prior to applying a floor coating.

2. All existing flooring systems and coatings such as tile, adhesive, paint, and sealers must be completely removed to provide a contaminant-free surface.

3. The contractor should then perform any needed repairs to the substrate, such as filling cracks and patching.

4. Next, a thorough inspection should be made to ensure all repairs have been performed correctly and are level with the substrate.Finally, any loose, deteriorated, contaminated areas or any other materials left on the surface that could act as a bond breaker have been remedied.

5. The surface needs to be mechanically prepared by shot blasting, grinding or another suitable method. Any laitance should be removed, leaving a finished profile of 3 in accordance with International Concrete Repair Institute.


At this point, the surface is properly prepared to accept the first resinous coating application.

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