• 7 November 2014
  • by Elite Crete Systems

Renovating Your Business Space

Having your own business can be one of the most exciting adventures of your professional career and having a business space that is inviting, unique and modern plays a key role in your company’s brand. First impressions are important in the eyes of consumers and nailing that impression right off the bat is a vital! Whether you are a seasoned business owner or are just starting out, looks matter and with that being said, you should take note of the visual appeal of your space.

Consumers take notice of how well you have everything put together from the ground up and those include the overall vibe and feel they experience when they walk into the door. From the type of flooring material you have to the color of paint on the walls, a consumer will be quick to analyze their surroundings. The visual aspects of your business space may be more important than your product/service at first. With this in mind, you should take into deep consideration of revamping your space to make that first impression great.

Start From The Bottom

First things first, you want to have an inviting floor space because it’s literally the first thing consumers will feel! Choosing a gorgeous flooring material that can provide durability and customization with your brand in mind is key; this is why you should opt for commercial floor coatings that can provide that. Choosing a poured concrete floor has more benefits than any other flooring material because it’s cost effective, easy to maintain and provides for limitless design options. Best of all, it can be installed on existing floors. Your consumers will be able to walk in, notice your unique floor and think about the quality you put into it which will set precedence for the rest of the space.


Since you have gotten the floor covered, the next step in renovating and revamping your business space in terms of furnishing. Of course you want to select the furnishings that make sense for your company. Are you a retail store, cafe, gym, haircut studio or car dealership? Depending on what you are providing will depend on how you furnish your space. While all these businesses may be different, one thing is for sure, you want to have optimal flow with a fluid layout. This means you want to be sure consumers can get to where they need to be with ease.

Implementing a fresh look and design could be exactly what your business needs which could prompt consumers to take to the streets telling others of their experience. After all, word of mouth travels fast and it’s a free advertising tactic!

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