• 7 May 2015
  • by Elite Crete Systems

Reasons You’ll Love Your Residential Pool Deck Coating

Whether you want to add a pool to your backyard or refurbish your existing pool deck, consider applying a professional pool deck coating. A pool deck coating will give you the design you want and the safety and durability you need. If you’ve already installed your concrete pool deck, no need to worry. Pool deck coatings can be installed to new and existing pool decks, despite their condition.

Our pool deck coating is a time tested, polymer modified cement that chemically bonds to a concrete surface. Our professional pool deck coating will not only provide anti-slip protection and beauty, but also it’s extremely strong and resistant to spills and abrasions, so it will last for many years to come.

Consider these other major benefits of our pool deck coatings:

  1. Weather resistant – With our pool deck finish, your pool deck will not be damaged or affected by the weather. Unlike epoxy rock finishes, your pool deck will maintain its beauty and strength despite strong UV rays or below freezing and scorching hot climates.
  1. Unlimited designs – Elite Crete Systems can create any design you want for your pool deck coating. Whether you want stone, brick, tile or wood, we can create any texture, pattern and color you envision.
  1. Low maintenance – Concrete pool coatings require very little maintenance. Because it’s strong and resistant to spills and abrasions, you can simply wipe up anything that falls on your pool deck with soap and water.
  1. Extremely durable – Our concrete pool coating is extremely durable. In addition to residential pool decks, our coating is used in all kinds of commercial and municipal spaces, including schools and universities and water parks. Our pool deck coating is designed to withstand high traffic areas, so it’s beyond durable enough for your residential space.
  1. Cost-effective – Because it’s extremely durable, our pool coating is a cost-effective option for your pool deck. With our pool deck coating, you can make your concrete pool deck look like stone or tile.

Reap the countless benefits of pool deck coatings. Contact us for a free consultation today!


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