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  • 1 May 2019
  • by Annesa Barkas

FDIC International Trade Show 2019

The FDIC International convention offers 34,000+ Fire & Rescue professionals from 65+ countries around the world, quality world-class instructors, classrooms, workshops, evolutions and the most innovative products and services available to the industry.  We attended the FDIC International in Indianapolis,

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  • 3 April 2019
  • by Annesa Barkas

HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Spaces

The HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring System is a durable, seamless, chemical resistant floor providing adjustable levels of slight texture and color to match any design theme or surroundings. This aesthetic floor includes multi-colored vinyl flakes (size options available) imbedded and fused

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