Automobile Dealership Showrooms

Beautiful & Tough Floors: Automobile Dealership Showrooms

For automobile dealership showrooms conventional floor coverings such as tile or VCT is on the outs. Architect, dealership owners and designers are learning that durable, more cost effective and unique flooring options are available from Elite Crete Systems. We even have industrial options for their service areas floors.

Design options range from the ever popular REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems to HERMETIC™ Flooring Systems to our polymer modified cementitious overlayments. Regardless of the choice, objectives are simple: durability, cost effectiveness and quick turn around. Any of the flooring choices the Elite Crete Systems offers easily meets those requirements.

With most of these floors, owners want something beautiful but somewhat neutral as to not take away from the automobiles that are on display. Earth tones tend to be more of the popular choice with subtle hue variances that might emulate the look of natural stone or aged concrete. Some opt for more of a metallic or shiny finish to enable the view of the bottom of the vehicles.

Additional options cane range from providing a non-slip finish to a satin or matte surface. Regardless, Elite Crete Systems can work with your designer or architect to engineer just the right floor for any automobile, motorcycle or watercraft dealership.

Dealership Showrooms Dealership Showrooms Dealership Showrooms Dealership Showrooms Dealership Showrooms

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