• 4 December 2014
  • by Elite Crete Systems

5 Benefits of Concrete Flooring That Will Surprise You

There is a lot of information about concrete flooring that most people aren’t aware of. In addition to the lack of proper knowledge on concrete that most people share, there are also a slew of misconceptions associated with concrete and concrete flooring. Whether designing a room, renovating your home, or are a contracting debating the use of certain materials, there are significant benefits to take into consideration when concrete flooring is involved.

Below are the top five reasons concrete flooring should be considered for a variety of projects:

  1. Durability – One of the best attributes of concrete flooring is its durability. Since concrete has substantial strength and resilience, it is incredibly difficult to damage, making it ideal for garages and warehouses. This prevents the possibility of chipping or scratching from falling objects, pets, or scuffs from shoes.
  2. Maintenance Not only is concrete flooring durable, but it can be easily maintained. There is not much required of a concrete floor in terms of maintaining its life besides a protective stain to be put down once or twice a year. Cleaning is easy and simple, with small messes able to be easily swept and basic cleaning solutions effortlessly removing spills and stains.
  3. Environmental Concrete flooring is typically viewed as the “green” choice of flooring options since most floor surfaces already have concrete underneath them. Therefore, installing a concrete floor usually only involves the removing of whatever surface was on top, without the process of using and wasting additional materials.
  4. Adaptability Since concrete is made from a very versatile material, concrete floors have a wide variety of design options. Most people view concrete as ugly, gray and boring; however modern concrete flooring has impressive versatility for design and décor. Before concrete mixture dries, it can be shaped into many different patterns and textural designs, or smoothed out with a top sheen.
  5. Longevity – Lastly, concrete is widely sought after as a flooring option due to its extreme longevity, an attribute ideal for many environments, such as factories, warehouses, or basements. As long as the concrete has been installed properly, it will create a floor with extraordinary resistance and an incredible life span.

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