Residential Flooring

We know what home owners want as it pertains to flooring; unique, beautiful, durable, easy to clean and maintain and long lasting but not boring or expensive like tile, or other floor coverings. They want something better. Something different. That is what our residential flooring solutions can offer.

Let’s face the facts. Tile cracks, grout lines stain and cost can be an issue. Wood scratches far too easy and the thought of refinishing it every few years is scary. Carpeting is difficult to keep clean, is not hygienic and not nearly as durable as the price reflects. With our residential flooring solutions, homeowners no longer need to be concerned with the shortcomings of other floor coverings and can have a worry free floor for years and decades.

Ideal For:
– Living spaces
– Basements
– Sun rooms
– Laundry rooms
– Any flooring in your home where you want a durable, beautiful finish

Benefits of Our Residential Flooring Solutions:
– Virtually unlimited design options, patterns, textures and color options
– Complete project customization
– Extremely affordable and cost effective
– Durability for high traffic areas
– Low maintenance compared to other floor coverings
– Quick installation time – days not weeks
– VOC free – being green is important to us
– Much more value over the life of the floor compared to other materials
– Can be installed pre or post construction
– Ideal for new or existing floors

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