What Is the Best Pool Deck Coating?

Most pool decks are made of poured concrete which makes for easy installation and can be made safer and more durable with the use of pool deck coating. A coating is important to consider because a pool deck coating is expected to perform under difficult conditions, including:pooldeck

  • The pool deck coating must provide an anti-slip surface to bare feet and sandals when the surface is frequently wet.
  • It serves as a protective finish coat for the concrete below and should extend a pool deck’s longevity.
  • Most pool deck coatings are exposed to chemicals from the pool water itself.
  • The ideal pool deck coating has to be able to handle conditions indoors or outdoors, from the hottest summer temps to freezing outdoor weather in temperate areas.

Given everything that a pool deck coating is expected to do, many of the materials offered for use as a coating are surprising. For example, many pool owners mistakenly think you can simply use paint over your concrete and you’ll have a success pool deck coating. However, neither paint nor sealers bond well to concrete and fail quickly when used as a pool deck coating. Even epoxy finishes sold for this purpose are susceptible to UV rays from sunlight, also wearing out rapidly.

Instead, pool experts recommend that you use a polymer modified cement specially designed as a pool deck coating. Polymer modified cement is stronger than normal cement and will bond instantly to the cement around your pool. It carries many advantages:

  • Polymer modified cement is an extremely durable solution that will last for many years, looking as great as it did the day it was applied.
  • Unlike other pool deck coatings, it can be applied directly over existing pool decks even if they are cracked and damaged. Since polymer modified cement is actually a thin cement layer, up to 1/4 of an inch thick, it can help hide blemishes—and won’t crack.
  • It creates a seamless anti-slip surface.
  • Polymer modified cement is resistant to moisture, pool chemicals, and the UV rays of the sun.
  • It performs regardless of weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold.

When a large commercial pool or water park wants a pool deck coating that will last years and provide maximum return on investment, they choose a polymer modified cement.