Slip-Resistant Resin Flooring

In many types of industrial and commercial operations, a non-slip floor would greatly enhance the ability to work safely. Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as a non-slip floor. Resin flooring, however, can provide a surface that could be termed anti-slip, or slip-resistant. How slip-resistant the floor will be will depend largely on the floor’s slope and profile, the spillage displacement volume, the types of materials that are likely to be spilled, and the type of footwear worn by the people in the building.

Common Sense and Sensible Measures

Obviously, it’s just common sense to expect that employers and workers should exercise common sense, and take measures to reduce the possibility of slipping. Any risks should be identified and acted upon, and areas that are prone to trouble should be clearly posted. Any spills should be immediately cleaned up, and care should be taken with floor cleaning products Just the same, no amount of caution is going to provide much protection on an inherently slippery surface.

Especially in environments that can be prone to a lot of spillage (e.g restaurants, food service facilities, service bays, pool decks, parking facilities, etc.), it is advisable to incorporate a certain amount of slip resistance into the flooring material used. In resin flooring, this is usually done by incorporating synthetic aggregates, polypropylene beads, or special sands into the resin floor. This creates a surface that is somewhat textured, and thus provides slip resistance. However, the floor will still be smooth enough to allow for effective cleaning, and will not be dangerously abrasive.

Varying Degrees of Slip Resistance

Obviously, different environments will require different levels of slip resistance. What is appropriate in a physiotherapy facility, for instance, may be less than what is needed for an automobile showroom. Depending on the degree of slip resistance that is desired, more or less additive can be used in the flooring compound. Knowing how much or how little to use often requires practical experience and a complete understanding of the grading of the aggregates to be used. Specific requirements can be determined and then easily met.

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