Resinous Coatings – Not Just for Floors

In businesses where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, resinous floor coatings are becoming increasingly popular, and are even being used on walls and ceilings. This is because more traditional building materials like cement, blockwork or gypsum are porous, making them hard to clean. Any surface irregularities can become breeding grounds for bacteria or mold.

Resinous Coatings Used in Veterinary Clinics

A veterinary clinic is one example of a location where cleanliness is vital. For veterinarians, floor finishes have to be durable, slip-resistant, easy to clean, non-absorbent, and resistant to microbial growth. In lab areas, they may also have to be resistant to various types of stains. Compared with other types of flooring, resinous floor coatings are highly desirable. In fact, many veterinarians take the floor finish a step further, using resin coating on clinic walls because of its hygienic properties.

Other Uses for Resin Coatings

There are, of course, other obvious areas where resinous coatings on both the floors and the walls could be desirable. Medical clinics and dental offices come immediately to mind, as do food processing plants and food services like restaurants or cafeterias. The concept of the hygienic wall coating has evolved out of necessity, as the control of harmful bacteria, germs and mold in our communities becomes increasingly important. Simply stated, human safety is paramount.

Resin coatings on floors and walls can also prevent the penetration of water and dust, and can even protect against chemical leaks. Further, they can be resistant to extremes in temperature and to UV light. Easily applied to cement, plaster work, blocks and concrete, resin floor and wall coatings will last for years, protecting your investment in your business and also the health of those occupying your building.

Resin coatings are easy to apply and are ideal for use in hospitals and other health care facilities, food and beverage services and processing plants, pharmaceutical industries, prisons, power plants and nuclear facilities, military operations, and agricultural facilities. In short, anywhere that a non-porous, easily sanitized surface is required, resin coatings are highly desirable.

No matter what the type or size of your facility, Elite Crete Systems, Inc. can assist you in making the right decision when it comes to installing resin coating on your floors, walls, and ceilings.