• 22 September 2014
  • by elitecretesystems

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Garage

Are you a homeowner that has a garage? If so, are you using it to its full potential?

While the general purpose of a garage is to keep your vehicle protected from the elements, it has so many more uses than that. Often, people will turn their garage into a hobby space, workshop or game room and if that’s something you want to pursue, it’s time to think about the renovation options you have.

Just like any other home renovation product, you want to make your garage a suitable living space that you can get the most out of. With that being said, you should take into consideration the following points:

  1. Flooring. The flooring in your garage can be just as important as the flooring in your home. You want something that can be durable, versatile and will last for a very long time. Think about the future – it can be difficult to predict what your garage will be over the years so choosing the right kind of flooring should be your first priority. Typically, garage floors will be made up of an unattractive gray concrete slab. Invest in an epoxy garage floor coating that can be custom designed to fit your style. Some examples could include vibrant finishes or unique patterns that will give the space a custom feature.
  2. Walls. Besides the fact that one side of your garage will be a large door, consider enhancing the walls. More often than not, garages will look unfinished with exposed dry wall that has no aesthetic appeal. A simple paint job could give your garage a new look. In addition to a room makeover, find some wall decorations that suit your tastes and hang them up. Hanging up a dart board or just a few pieces of art could make your garage a new living space to enjoy.
  3. Furniture. If you decide to use your garage as a hobby space or workshop, you can look for some hardware cabinets at local hardware stores to install. Your options will be limitless and you may even use your garage as additional storage space. Consider hanging cabinets on the walls to save floor space for your vehicle.

Whether you are turning your garage into a showroom for your ride or you’re going to make it a workshop, start at the first step of tackling the floor for a brand new look.

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