Improve Workplace Safety with Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

It is understandable to think that the biggest workplace safety hazards would be large pieces of machinery or complex high voltage wiring. In reality, one of the biggest threats can be found beneath your feet: the floor. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), hundreds of thousands of workers are injured every year because of falls that happen at the same level or lower. One way to potentially reduce this large number is with the help of industrial concrete floor coatings.

Who Is Slipping and Falling?

As the CDC explains, it is not just workers within factories and manufacturing plants who are experiencing dangerous falls. Trips, slips, and falls happen in warehouses, healthcare facilities, and retail locations. These types of properties are actually at a high risk of these problems, as employees often need to move carts, or other mobile structures, from one area to another.

Creating a Safe, Continuous Floor

The key to preventing these types of problems is to eliminate the risk that unevenness and cracks within the floor will not be there to trip employees or catch equipment as it is transferred from one location to another. Industrial concrete floor coatings provide the sleek, seamless surface that is needed.  Also Industrial coatings come with the benefit of being able to add whatever level of “grip” or texture to the surface and can be a great opportunity to create a perfectly balanced floor that is easy to clean and slip resistant.

What About Future Damage and Cracks to the Floor?

These commercial flooring systems can withstand the pressure of large machinery or the heavy foot traffic of patrons in busy retail stores. Unlike many other types of flooring materials, an industrial concrete floor will not develop cracks or need to be replaced for many years.  It is reliant on the substrate, but even if the substrate moves or cracks, most coatings can be filled and repaired to like new condition.

Industrial concrete flooring systems are not simply special just because they do not have any joint lines across their surfaces. They also allow for a safer work environment because they are available in extremely durable and resistant materials that have complete customization abilities to suit many different situations. 

Concrete Parking Decks

The Importance of Waterproof Decking on Car Parks and Parking Decks

Multi-story car parking decks are an essential part of modern building construction and urban planning. Concrete flooring and concrete decks have to be properly protected against damage from water and de-icing salt. The most appropriate method of protection depends on use, exposure, and budget. This applies to both new structures and to older car parks that require maintenance. In both cases, repair and protection can be easily achieved with the use of resin coatings.


Parking Deck Coating

New Structures
Typically, in new car parks, the decks tend to be level and flat, with movement joints properly located. Surface preparation is easy
In new multi-story car parks, typically the reinforced concrete decking will be level and flat, recently laid to the correct falls, and with no extensive or serious surface defects or damage. The area should also be devoid of contamination, and the movement joints should be located correctly. Surface preparation is easy, usually done by vacuum and bead blast cleaning. A surface resembling sandpaper is created, and the deck is ready to accept the resin coating.

Existing Structures
With existing structures, it’s important to identify the exact nature of any defects or damage. If there are structural problems, obviously they have to be corrected before the deck coating is applied. The assistance of a structural engineer may be required.
Much of the time, older car parks are damaged or contaminated, and the concrete surfaces will be affected by freeze-thaw damage. De-icing salts will, of course, aggravate the problem. Because of this, surfaces require more preparation than they would in a new car park. The prepared surface will be rougher, and will require more priming and intermediate resin coats. This will be a particular concern for top decks that get a lot of exposure to the weather.

Special Areas
Regardless of whether the car park is new or older, there are certain areas that will always require special attention because of increased traffic. These include the ramp areas and the turning circle areas. Both may require an enhanced level of waterproofing. It should also be noted that ramps can be problematic because of the slopes. Resin products typically have superior “flow” characteristics, which are an advantage when working on the decks themselves, but more of a complication when working on slopes.
If you need assistance with a car park project, Elite Crete Systems, Inc. is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialty high-performance building products.






Here is an overview of recommended products for a Parking Deck System.  For your custom spec’s please visit SPECIFICATIONS

  1. Surface preparation: Shot blast (preferred), grind, to remove and profile the floor surface and remove contaminants.
  2. Surface and joint repairs if required.
  3. HERMETIC™ Paramount (self leveling slurry) if surface is bad. If not, move to next step.   Download Product Sheet
  4. E100-VB5™ vapor barrier epoxy if moisture, humidity or rising damp is a concern after RH Meter test. Download Product Sheet
  5. E100-FS4™ Flexible epoxy as primer coat. Download Product Sheet
  6. E100-FS4™ Flexible epoxy as a broadcast binder coat. Download Product Sheet
  7. Broadcast to rejection: color quartz, silica quartz or carborundum granuals.
  8. Topcoat with either – E100-PT1™ Clear, E100-UV1™ Clear, E100-PT4™ Pigmented or E100-VR1™ Clear UV resistant.
    E100-PT1™ Clear
    E100-UV1™ Clear
    E100-PT4™ Pigmented
    E100-VR1™ Clear UV resistant

Elite Crete Systems Has Your Concrete Epoxy Coatings Covered

Whether you’re an architect or project manager, you’re probably very familiar with concrete epoxy coatings and how much your customers demand them. This doesn’t mean it’s easy finding the right option, though. Too many out there are the low-quality types you basically paint on and hope for the best. However, Elite Crete Systems offers a number of concrete epoxy coatings that will leave your customers happy they chose you for the job.

First, our company provides a number of epoxy products that will cover any needs your customer has. Well over two dozen items are at your disposal that cover everything from color flake floors that provide a terrazzo look to standard clear coat options. It doesn’t matter what line of business your customer is in or what kind of floor they needed coated, we have the epoxy they’re looking for. Typical applications we find for our products include showrooms, supermarkets, warehouses, even airplane hangars. Whatever floor you’re looking to cover, chances are Elite Crete Systems has a product that’s done it before and we are here to help you choose the right product for the job.

Second, we understand the markets you’re dealing with. We know that there is a big push to leave VOCs in the past. That’s why our products have very low amounts of volatile organic compounds. We even have a number of options that are completely free of them.

When it comes to concrete epoxy coatings, none of your customers want a quick job that will look bad and offer shoddy protection. On the other hand, you don’t want to tie up resources when they could be out on another job. That’s why so many have relied on our epoxy coatings. You’ll be able to cover the concrete in question with a coating that will look great and will defend it against abrasion, chemical spills and much more. Best of all, it won’t spike your overhead and you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of time waiting for it to set. This means you can walk away with more profit and on to another job to earn even more.

Furthermore, long after your company is done with the work, your customers will be thanking you. That’s because we don’t sell concrete epoxy coatings that need excessive upkeep and maintenance. Instead, our coatings will keep concrete looking brand new for years and years with minimum help.

So when you need epoxy coatings, think of Elite Crete Systems first. Not only do we have a vast inventory for you to choose from, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have and offer the technical support you demand on hand.

Boho Cafe Floor

Boho Cafe Floor: REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System

It’s been said that most architects are less like engineers and more like artists when it comes to specifying products and that they are always looking for something new and exciting to offer their clients. The photos below are that of custom made stencils and utilizing the popular REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System with E100-UV1™ 100% Solids Epoxy. Ultimately the finish was top coated with AUS-V™ urethane protective top coat to provide greatly increased abrasion and chemical resistance.

Obviously the pattern and color chosen for this Boho Cafe floor project leans towards the high end of flair but the architect and designer wanted a floor to be the center piece of this project. In most cases, specifiers chose colors and designs with a more subtle appeal when specifying a REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System. Available in 20 standard colors, additional hues are achieved by modifying the base coat and through experienced blending of colors. With that said, no two jobs are ever alike and each floor will have a uniqueness about it.

REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems have been installed worldwide from North America to South America and from Western Europe to Southeast Asia. Don’t be fooled for industry typical “metallic” epoxy or “mica” floors. REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems are the original and utilize a highly proprietary blend of various layered sizes of non-metallic, non-mica, UV stable, non-disolving particles and additional flow agent additives. The look is that of a deeper and visually textured yet smooth finish that does not require spraying solvents or contaminants to achieve the final appearance.

Want more evidence? Google “REFLECTOR Enhancer” and see the difference.

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Concrete Overlay for Restaurant Patios

Design and style are easily achieved with Elite Crete’s line of Stamped Concrete overlay products.  By combining a custom pattern, design, and texture any natural or man made stone, brick or tile pattern can be done to compliment any decor.  These systems are ideal for high traffic areas that need a slip resistant surface that are stain resistant and easy to keep clean.