Innovative Concrete Use in Versatile School Floors

School floors covered with vinyl and carpet are largely a thing of the past. Finished concrete school floors are being seen more often in schools that range from elementary to college levels.

Resinous concrete coatings are an ideal flooring for most school areas, with few considerations. Concrete floors are durable, have aesthetic potential, and are low maintenance. This makes them ideal for hallways, auditoriums, offices, restrooms and classrooms.

Concrete in the Classroom

Carpet makes classrooms quieter, but it takes too much of a beating to be practical in classroom flooring situations. Instead, consider using carpet on walls to deaden sound, and use concrete on the floors. Colored concrete can be achieved with many different systems and can be protected to offer a long lasting high gloss shine, along with being sturdy under the beating students put on it.

If you want a warmer material for students, you can use washable cushions, mats, and rugs on top of colored concrete classroom floors. Anti-fatigue mats, usually made from rubber, will make standing on a concrete floor comfortable for teachers, says Facilities Management.

“Shop” or vocational learning classrooms are an excellent place for concrete floors with high performance coatings. Concrete also works well for electrical, janitorial, and utility spaces, where there is heavy use. Rooms like these will demand dust proofing using an epoxy or Polyaspartic as an efficient sealer.

Health Benefits of Concrete

New England’s Asthma Regional Council calls concrete flooring a top choice in schools, preferable over vinyl and carpet. Pollutants that are associated with respiratory diseases, like mildew, mold, and dust, are captured and multiply in carpeting and released into classroom air. Vinyl may also become moldy or mildew if water gets below the flooring. Vinyl is toxic, and concrete is simply a safer, healthier choice.

Concrete floors also get high marks for requiring less maintenance. They are higher in durability and they have less of an environmental impact that vinyl or carpet. High performance coatings make concrete even more durable.

Choosing Concrete School Floors

Officials who work in your schools will weigh the cost of surface prep for concrete against what seems easier – placing resilient tile flooring. However, limiting stripping, buffing, and waxing intervals will save your school a good deal of money over a year and certainly over 10 years.

This is one reason why concrete is becoming an increasingly attractive choice to those who decide what type of flooring to use in their schools. They are certainly more familiar with vinyl and carpet, but concrete flooring simply has too many benefits to overlook.

Medical Facilities Flooring

When it comes to designing any type of medical facilities flooring or medical care facility, comfort and safety is obviously the number one priority. With this in mind, one might think that hospitals, and other large healthcare facilities, should have wall-to-wall plush and cushiony carpeting. Why, then, do you see so many of these buildings choosing to install epoxy flooring?

The short answer is that this is the safer option. The long answer is that epoxy coatings provide many different benefits to the healthcare industry, including:

Fewer Trip Hazards

According to Nursing Times, slips, trips, and falls are among the most popular causes for safety accidents in hospitals. While they may be more vulnerable, patients are not the only ones susceptible to these falls. Doctors and nurses carrying supplies, pushing gurneys, and rushing from one patient to another find themselves admitted with a fall-related injury if the floor is uneven, or a loose tile grabs an edge or their shoe.

Epoxy flooring provides a solution to this problem. It creates a smooth and seamless floor that does not have any joints, unevenness, or potential to develop cracks or crevices.

Easy to Clean

The seamlessness of an epoxy floor also means that there are not openings where dirt, bacteria, or chemicals can become trapped. Protective topcoats make the flooring systems resistant to moisture, which makes cleanup even easier.

This ease of maintenance is important for healthcare facilities for multiple reasons. Obviously, the healthcare providers want to keep the building as clean and sanitary as possible. Epoxy flooring is also beneficial, however, as dirt can be cleaned away very quickly and easily, meaning that the labor can be concentrated more heavily on patient care than on maintenance.

Cost Efficient and Easy to Install

In addition to reducing maintenance responsibilities, epoxy flooring can save healthcare resources in other ways, as well. First of all, it is a cost efficient, high performance flooring option that will perform for many years to come. It can also be installed very quickly, allowing the facility to be up and running soon.

It Looks Great

While safety and sanitation are vital in the world of healthcare, you also want the patients to be surrounded by a welcoming and attractive environment. Fortunately, when installing epoxy floor systems, the design possibilities are practically endless. If a hospital or nursing facility has a particular color and design scheme in mind, there are high performance epoxy coating products that can complement this. 

Commerical Kitchen and Food Service Flooring

Floors play a surprisingly large role within the food service industry. They are expected to perform under pressure as they support heavy equipment, a large amount of foot traffic, and possibly extreme changes in temperature, all while staying sanitary. In many cases, only food service flooring systems equipped with concrete epoxy coatings will be capable of meeting the many requirements of this industry.

Keeping the Floors Clean in Food Service

Anytime that food is involved, it is essential to keep the area as clean as possible. A dirty floor can mean the cross contamination of food and many sick individuals. Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen floor can be extremely difficult, and much more so for a large, industrial food processing plant.

When concrete epoxy coatings are applied to the floor, this task becomes much more feasible. These food service flooring systems create one continuous floor, in which there are no cracks or crevices where dirt and grime could hide. The floor is also  protected with a topcoat that creates a moisture-resistant barrier, as regular concrete floors are porous and hold moisture and all of the bacteria carried by that moisture.

Install Floors That Are Up to Any Challenge

Concrete epoxy coatings can provide protection against much more than just moisture. These food service flooring systems are extremely durable, allowing them to continue performing, even if you have a food service facility that utilizes a lot of heavy, moving machinery. These commercial kitchen flooring systems can also remain functional for many years even if your facility has areas that go through extreme changes in temperature as in a refrigerated loading bay area.

While epoxy flooring materials can perform under a lot of pressure, if you are going to be putting an extraordinary amount of stress on your floors, you might consider using Polyaspartic coatings. These coatings actually provide even more strength and durability to your floor than Polyurethanes or epoxies.

Enjoying Strength Without Sacrificing Appearance

Whether you are installing a new floor to a commercial kitchen and restaurant dining area or in a foodservice manufacturing facility, you are still operating a business, and you want your space to look professional and appealing.

Concrete epoxy coatings provide excellent opportunities to create a world of interesting designs and patterns. The coatings can be installed in many different colors, and you can choose to incorporate various designs into the floor to make it even more unique. These innovative coatings allow you to develop a highly original floor that will also stand the test of time.

HERMETIC Industrial Floor Coatings

HERMETIC™ Industrial Floor Coatings offer a variety of high performance flooring options for facility managers, property owners and specifiers looking for a ultra durable, easy to maintain, seamless flooring system. In fact, the choices are often so many that it becomes difficult to choose. In many cases, the right choice will be dependent upon the unique situation of the facility and what performance characteristics are required in a floor.

Industrial floor coatings are often chosen for aesthetic or financial reasons. They are a great value for medium to high impact areas where heavy traffic is expected. HERMETIC™ (epoxy resin based) Industrial Floor Coatings are available in almost any color and can be applied in thicknesses between 1/16″ to 1/2″ or more. They can easily improve the aesthetics and harden the surface of existing concrete substrate. Epoxies create a seamless, waterproof barrier, which provides a well-protected surface but demands a low-moisture substrate on which to be applied. Because an expertly installed epoxy floor provides this wall-to-wall seamless surface, it is very popular in the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. When chemicals cannot contaminate the concrete substrate, you are assured uncontaminated products down the line and easy clean-ups in the meantime.

HERMETIC™ (urethane based) Industrial Floor Coatings are similar to epoxies in terms of installation and function; they are installed over a concrete substrate, filling in the cracks and achieving a smooth, seamless surface. Urethane, however, is a better choice for areas that are likely to receive thermal shock, high-impact, increased abrasion or chemical exposure. Urethane is an extremely durable product that is likely to meet or exceed the physical needs of any facility. Urethanes also have aesthetic appeal similar to epoxies. The material can reflect light to a degree that influences your utility costs and improves worker productivity. For all of these reasons, urethane is a popular choice for commercial kitchens and food processing facilities.


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HERMETIC™ Flake Floors Make Great Color Flake Epoxy Systems

For a durable cost effective floor finish many clients are turning to color flake epoxy. The choice leaves their floor protected from impact, abrasion and provides a slip resistant surface.  Elite Crete Systems is happy to offer HERMETIC™ Flake Floors for use on just about any type of concrete floor. Whether you are decorating a showroom, a laboratory, a supermarket or the most popular use of a garage floor, color flake epoxy systems come in just about any color combination you could possibly think of.

Color flake systems are just that, flakes of color that are bonded between layers of epoxy and polyurethane to provide a system thickness from 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch combined thickness.  This thickness is what is needed to provide impact resistance from dropped tools or equipment and provide a rubbery consistency rather than a rigid brittle surface that might otherwise chip easily.

The color flakes come is a wide range of standard colors as well as sizes and can be mixed and blended in different percentages to create many custom colors and effects.

HERMETIC™ Flake Floor Systems from Elite Crete Systems can be installed on many types and conditions of concrete slabs.  You can use Hermetic Flake Floors on freshly laid concrete or floors that have been installed for years and need some help in the form of a makeover or simply for getting a more functional floor.

Of course, one of the main reasons HERMETIC™ Flake Floors are so popular is because it takes such good care of the concrete below it. Elite Crete Systems will be happy to walk you through a number of different options for getting the greatest abrasion resistance and overall durability from this system.

Despite all these benefits, color flake epoxy doesn’t come with a complicated installation process. In fact, you might be surprised how easy it is to put into place and how little time it takes to set.  Customers love that they don’t have to give up their floor for as long as other floor systems and large areas can be installed relatively easily and efficiently for a trained and experienced installer.

Lastly, we’re proud of the fact that our HERMETIC™ Flake Floors comes with very low levels of VOCs or even none at all. This product also meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the USDA, FDA and OSHA guidelines.

So the next time you want a color flake epoxy for your concrete floor, consider a HERMETIC™ Flake Floor. It has too many advantages to ignore and you won’t break the bank putting them to use. Plus, you get all the help that comes from Elite Crete Systems and our 25 years of experience in the industry.