4 Major Advantages of Decorative Concrete in Commercial Settings

decorative concreteKnown for its incredible beauty, strength and affordability, thousands of retailers, restaurants and showrooms nationwide are choosing decorative concrete. With decorative concrete coatings and finishes, your business can transform a dull slab of grey concrete into a work of art and extend the life of your flooring. While decorative concrete coatings offer many great benefits, here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Design flexibility: Decorative concrete can be applied to new or existing concrete surfaces, and the design options are virtually limitless. Due to advances in concrete mixing and setting, contractors can create any color and texture you can think of. Decorative concrete coatings can be applied through a variety of methods, including acid staining, thin stamp overlays, splatter texture, and slate trowel down finishes, which can be used to create decorative textural patterns or custom designs. Decorative concrete can even be made to resemble natural stone.
  1. Strength and longevity: Along with its aesthetic appeal, decorative concrete coatings will increase the strength, durability and longevity of concrete surfaces. It’s stronger than many comparable materials and will deteriorate at a much slower rate. Decorative concrete will make your floor resistant to heavy loads, weather, and mold and dust.
  1. Low maintenance: Decorative concrete is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. There’s no regular polishing or coating, and spills can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. You just need to apply a sealer about every 4 years. The low maintenance and durable properties of decorative concrete will save you valuable time and money on maintenance and repairs.
  1. Affordability: Despite all its amazing benefits, decorative concrete coatings are very low cost and affordable. Decorative concrete is inexpensive to install, and with its extreme durability, resistance to most damages and low maintenance requirements, it’s the most economical flooring solution.

Protect and beautify your concrete surfaces with decorative concrete. If you are interested in installing decorative concrete at your business, contact Elite Crete Systems today: 1-888-323-4445.


Infographic: Commercial Flooring for Retail Spaces

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What Industrial Flooring Solution Should You Choose?

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Whether you operate an industrial warehouse or food processing plant, the type of industrial flooring you choose will have a great impact on your day to day operations. Regardless of your business, you probably want an industrial floor that’s durable, robust and easy to maintain. If you’re having trouble deciding which industrial flooring solution best satisfies your needs, below are some insights on the different types of industrial floors.


Epoxy floor coatings are a top choice for industrial facilities because of their extreme durability, strength and resistance to abrasions. Because of their extreme toughness, epoxy floors are a cost-effective and long-lasting flooring solution. An epoxy floor coating is comprised of a mixture of liquid resin and hardener, which forms a seamless bond to provide concrete floors with a protective coating. Epoxy floor coatings are incredibly strong and can withstand the high traffic of heavy equipment like forklifts and other machinery. The flooring’s slip-resistance, chemical-resistance and bacteria-resistance also make it the ideal solution for industrial settings. Epoxy floors are very easy to clean; any spills can be cleaned up with soap and water or a mop. Additionally, epoxy floor systems can feature any color or design, including your business’s logo.


Vinyl flooring is similar to epoxy in that it is resistant to water and moisture and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. But, that’s where the similarities end. Vinyl flooring can be suitable if you’re looking for a cheaper flooring solution, but it’s not ideal for industrial spaces that have a lot of heavy traffic. Vinyl floors do not have the intense strength and durability of epoxy and can be far more easily damaged. This type of flooring also needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


Rubber floors are suitable for facilities that have heavy foot traffic. This industrial flooring material is slip-resistant, water and fire resistant and shock absorbent. Rubber floors also work well as an insulator and provide a soft surface for employees to walk on. The downside of rubber flooring, however, is they can be easily scratched and needs a lot of cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a top quality industrial flooring solution, choose an epoxy floor coating. Elite Crete Systems’ epoxy floors are ideal for any industrial or commercial facility. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial floors: 1-888-323-4445.

3 Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Epoxy floor coatings are an incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting flooring solution used by a wide range of businesses and facilities. The versatility of epoxy floor coatings and their infinite designs make them the top flooring solution for both industrial and commercial spaces. They are commonly used in retail stores, automotive showrooms, industrial warehouses, and restaurants and can be applied to both existing and new concrete floors.

Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions surrounding epoxy floor coatings:

Misconception #1: Epoxy Floor Coatings Have to be Reapplied Every Few Years

A professionally installed epoxy floor is incredibly durable and will last for many, many years. Epoxy floor coatings from Elite Crete Systems are very strong and can withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic and resist wear and tear from heavy machinery and equipment.

Misconception #2: Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Expensive

While getting a professional epoxy floor coating may seem expensive, it’s a cost-effective and long-lasting option. If you opt for a cheaper concrete coating or choose to install epoxy on your own, you will end up paying more money in repairs and maintenance in the long run. Epoxy floors also save you money because they require very little maintenance. They are resistant to abrasions and chemical spills, and you can simply use a mop to wipe up any that falls on the floor. An epoxy floor is definitely worth it.

Misconception #3: Paint Is Just as Good as an Epoxy Floor Coating

While epoxy can resemble paint before it’s applied, they are two very different substances. A coat of paint will not protect your concrete floor from residue or chemical stains, nor will it resist wear and tear. Unlike paint, epoxy bonds with the concrete surface to create a seamless, durable resin coating that will protect your concrete floor from damage.



4 Ways the Design of an Office Can Affect Business

b3 b2 b1Many employers aren’t aware of just how important office settings and environments are to productivity and an overall positive working environment. Despite the amount of information and proven research available, many businesses do not find improving office design to be a necessary use of the budget. Although there is not much control average employees have over where their office is located and what tools are available to improve creativity, these following tips can help anyone in almost office find some ways to make a productive difference:

  1. Lighting: Offering several different lighting options for employees in an office setting has been psychologically proven to enhance creativity. According to experts, bright lighting enhances teamwork and more methodical thinking experience. On the other hand, dimmer lighting fosters creativity and out of the box thinking. Lighting is incredibly important in office productivity for bad lighting can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches or even depression.
  2. Plants: It has also been proven true that plants, real or fake, have different effects on people when in an office setting. Studies have indicated that plants, flowers and other forms of decorative vegetation improve the overall happiness of clients and employees, while increasing productivity as well. Plant life has also been associated with better breathing, longer attention spans, and stress relief.
  3. Control the noise: Although it may seem impossible to completely manage the noise levels of an office space, there are tips available for work environments to permit noise when necessary, quiet when needed, to improve overall productivity levels. In any office environment, one can properly utilize commercial flooring solutions in order to enhance creativity, efficiency and a more pleasant workplace, such as carpeting and paneling. These devices, as well as tile ceiling, are available to help absorb sound waves and reduce echoing or carried voices. It is also recommended to keep fax machines and other noisy appliances in one central location, as well as keeping noisier employees separate from the quieter ones (i.e. sales people, customer service, those on the phone often).
  4. Color: The color of any room has a direct affect on the people in it. Depending on the color scheme of a particular room, moods and emotions can be affected. For instance, blue has been scientifically proven to encourage feelings of happiness and increase levels of productivity in an office space. Since our brain functions are drastically triggered by the color patterns of our surroundings, it is important to surround yourself with productive, positive colors while at work. Most people do not have any control of the wall colors of their office space, but adding creatively encouraging colors to your cubicle or desk can all the difference.