Better Than Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has been relatively popular amongst specifiers and property owners the past several years and people are finding out that isn’t always as durable or beneficial as advertised. Can it look nice? Sure, sometimes the look of polished concrete is great. But polished concrete does wear and doesn’t have the abrasion resistance that some people claim it does? No polished concrete isn’t stain and chemical proof as some people claim.

An alternative? A fluid applied resinous based floor created with REFLECTOR™ Enhancer or HERMETIC™ Flooring Systems from Elite Crete Systems. The garage floor below was designed to give the look of a metallic ground polished concrete floor. However, the homeowner wanted it to be tougher, more abrasion resistance, easier to clean & maintain and ultimately as care free and long lasting as possible. Its not polished concrete but it is exactly what they wanted and received. He now says that people are as interested in his floor as they are his cars…

REFLECTOR Enhancer is better than polished concrete

REFLECTOR Enhancer is better than polished concrete

REFLECTOR™ Enhancer or HERMETIC™ Flooring Systems can achieve much higher levels of abrasion and chemical resistance once an additional coat of urethane such as AUS-V™ with aluminum oxide powder additive. The durability level is such greatly increased that this is becoming the norm and standard for commercial and industrial floors.

Even more options are available to bring additional performance benefits to the system such as; high chemical resistance, increased impact strength and long term resistance to UV exposure just to name a few. Contact an Elite Crete Systems technical representative to discuss all of the available options and which combination is best for your project.

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