Reasons You’ll Love Your Residential Pool Deck Coating

pool deck coating

Whether you want to add a pool to your backyard or refurbish your existing pool deck, consider applying a professional pool deck coating. A pool deck coating will give you the design you want and the safety and durability you need. If you’ve already installed your concrete pool deck, no need to worry. Pool deck coatings can be installed to new and existing pool decks, despite their condition.

Our pool deck coating is a time tested, polymer modified cement that chemically bonds to a concrete surface. Our professional pool deck coating will not only provide anti-slip protection and beauty, but also it’s extremely strong and resistant to spills and abrasions, so it will last for many years to come.

Consider these other major benefits of our pool deck coatings:

  1. Weather resistant – With our pool deck finish, your pool deck will not be damaged or affected by the weather. Unlike epoxy rock finishes, your pool deck will maintain its beauty and strength despite strong UV rays or below freezing and scorching hot climates.
  1. Unlimited designs – Elite Crete Systems can create any design you want for your pool deck coating. Whether you want stone, brick, tile or wood, we can create any texture, pattern and color you envision.
  1. Low maintenance – Concrete pool coatings require very little maintenance. Because it’s strong and resistant to spills and abrasions, you can simply wipe up anything that falls on your pool deck with soap and water.
  1. Extremely durable – Our concrete pool coating is extremely durable. In addition to residential pool decks, our coating is used in all kinds of commercial and municipal spaces, including schools and universities and water parks. Our pool deck coating is designed to withstand high traffic areas, so it’s beyond durable enough for your residential space.
  1. Cost-effective – Because it’s extremely durable, our pool coating is a cost-effective option for your pool deck. With our pool deck coating, you can make your concrete pool deck look like stone or tile.

Reap the countless benefits of pool deck coatings. Contact us for a free consultation today!


Infographic: The Importance of Protecting Your Commercial Flooring

By maintaining your commercial flooring, you can reduce the risk of costly damages down the road. View our infographic below to get a better understanding of how you should protect your commercial flooring.


4 Amazing Uses for Decorative Concrete

Spring is here, and for most of us that means getting ready for a season of summer fun. If you’re a homeowner, one of the best ways to enjoy that season is to make sure you have a nice outdoor space. And decorative concrete can help make that space possible, without a big price tag. Here are four amazing ways that decorative concrete can transform your yard:

elite crete

1. A prettier, more affordable patio – We’d all like to have a beautiful patio where we can enjoy cookouts, read a book in the shade or just invite a few friends over for drinks. But a patio presents a classic conundrum: do you make it out of brick or paver stones, which are expensive and high maintenance, or affordable cement or asphalt, which is drab to look at? Decorative concrete offers the perfect solution. Affordable, water resistant and easy to maintain, it’s the perfect building material—and it’s also gorgeous. Simply by choosing the right decorative finish or wash, you can have a concrete patio that is as artistic as it is solid. It will be the visually striking star attraction, not just the place you put the table and chairs.

2. Contoured walkways to hug the landscaping – If you garden or invest in your landscaping, then you know that a nice walkway makes a garden far more enjoyable. However, a typical paved pathway is a straight line—not ideal for meandering through trees or hugging the organic shape of bills, berms or water features. Of course, it’s possible to cut stones and pavers to make curved walkways, but it’s not easy. Concrete, on the other hand, can easily be poured in any course you choose, and with a decorative finish it will add a fairytale touch to your garden.

3. The outdoor kitchen of your dreams – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper outdoor kitchen for spring and summer get-togethers? An outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare food while socializing with guests, keeps the house tidy, and makes cleanup a snap. And they don’t have to be expensive. Decorative concrete can be used for the counters as well as the floor, sealed to be smooth and water-resistant, making them great work surfaces as well as pleasant to look at.

4. Creative steps and architectural flourishes – Remember, concrete can be made into virtually any shape, including graceful steps, front porches with low sides, or walls pierced with openings or lights. When using decorative concrete to design your outdoor space, your imagination really is the limit.

What are you picturing for your outdoor space? Check out our options at Elite Crete Systems to make your dreams for the perfect patio and garden come true!

5 Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Garage Floors for Your Commercial Garage, Shop or Automotive Showroom


Take a minute to look at the floor in your commercial garage, shop or automotive showroom. Is the floor unsightly, dirty and stained? If so, consider revamping your commercial space with an epoxy coating. A professionally formulated epoxy coating will transform your grim space into a professional looking space and give you a floor that’s extremely tough, durable and long lasting.

Consider these benefits of epoxy garage floors:

1. Extremely robust and durable – Epoxy garage floors are exceptionally resilient and durable, so they can withstand heavy equipment and machinery and high traffic. The epoxy coating is also very tough against impacts, stains, cracks, chemicals and surface abrasions. You don’t have to worry about dropping your heavy tools or applying too must pressure to your floor.

2. Moisture and stain resistant – An epoxy coating is naturally moisture and stain resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for garage floors that experience frequent leaks and spills. It’s highly resistant to deicing slats, water, petrochemical spills, as well as other contaminates. Anything that falls on your epoxy floor can be easily wiped up with soap and water.

3. Resurfacing qualities – For commercial floors that are stained, cracked or damaged, an epoxy coating is a great way to repair your existing floor. Because they are self-leveling, epoxy coatings deliver an even, polished finish that will cover up any marks and damages on your floor.

4. Unlimited designs – Epoxy coatings are great for existing and new garage floors. With virtually unlimited designs, you can personalize your space with any pattern or color you’d like. We can even incorporate your custom logo for a space that’s branded and professional.

5. Quick installation – Epoxy flooring is quick and easy to install, so you won’t have to shut down your production for installation. You can go about your daily routines as usual.

To get an epoxy floor for your commercial space, contact Elite Crete Systems. Our epoxy coatings are formulated to be strong, attractive, non-slip and long lasting.

4 Ways the Design of an Office Can Affect Business

b3 b2 b1Many employers aren’t aware of just how important office settings and environments are to productivity and an overall positive working environment. Despite the amount of information and proven research available, many businesses do not find improving office design to be a necessary use of the budget. Although there is not much control average employees have over where their office is located and what tools are available to improve creativity, these following tips can help anyone in almost office find some ways to make a productive difference:

  1. Lighting: Offering several different lighting options for employees in an office setting has been psychologically proven to enhance creativity. According to experts, bright lighting enhances teamwork and more methodical thinking experience. On the other hand, dimmer lighting fosters creativity and out of the box thinking. Lighting is incredibly important in office productivity for bad lighting can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches or even depression.
  2. Plants: It has also been proven true that plants, real or fake, have different effects on people when in an office setting. Studies have indicated that plants, flowers and other forms of decorative vegetation improve the overall happiness of clients and employees, while increasing productivity as well. Plant life has also been associated with better breathing, longer attention spans, and stress relief.
  3. Control the noise: Although it may seem impossible to completely manage the noise levels of an office space, there are tips available for work environments to permit noise when necessary, quiet when needed, to improve overall productivity levels. In any office environment, one can properly utilize commercial flooring solutions in order to enhance creativity, efficiency and a more pleasant workplace, such as carpeting and paneling. These devices, as well as tile ceiling, are available to help absorb sound waves and reduce echoing or carried voices. It is also recommended to keep fax machines and other noisy appliances in one central location, as well as keeping noisier employees separate from the quieter ones (i.e. sales people, customer service, those on the phone often).
  4. Color: The color of any room has a direct affect on the people in it. Depending on the color scheme of a particular room, moods and emotions can be affected. For instance, blue has been scientifically proven to encourage feelings of happiness and increase levels of productivity in an office space. Since our brain functions are drastically triggered by the color patterns of our surroundings, it is important to surround yourself with productive, positive colors while at work. Most people do not have any control of the wall colors of their office space, but adding creatively encouraging colors to your cubicle or desk can all the difference.