Aircraft Hangar Floors

When you have an aircraft hangar that needs flooring, a quality job is of the utmost importance. Aviation companies or private owners may own many aircraft and hangars, and when they want new alternatives to sealed concrete, they are often looking to epoxy or resinous flooring

Why Use a Resinous Floor Coating?

Epoxy floors will look great when they are first installed and can last a lifetime, if you are concerned with wear you can even upgrade to a premium Polyaspartic or Polyurea top coat.

Concrete, when polished, can offer some advantages for aircraft hangar floors but may not provide the stain resistance and chemical resistance for aircraft fluids and hydraulic oils.  Resinous coatings resists abrasion and are extremely durable. Light colored epoxy coatings in an aircraft hangar will reflect light and offer you a surface that appears professional and clean.

Coating a concrete aircraft hangar floor allows you to use any color and achieve a smooth non skid and easy to clean surface.

The Process of installing an epoxy or resinous coating

Proper installation of your resinous floor coating will ensure a consistent look that is appealing, and a floor that is still strong and durable. Proper surface preparation means everything to a successful long lasting installation.  A smooth concrete surface will not provide a grip or bite for the epoxy to grab onto.  So therefor you need to grind or shot blast the surface to provide adequate adhesion.

After the surface has been prepared and thoroughly cleaned the first coat can be installed, subsequent top coats are then installed as required.  If a grip is desired it should be installed in the final top coat.

Aircraft hangars are home to harsh chemicals that are commonly used in and around airplanes. Jets are often washed down in the hangar, so a resinous coating is helpful in guarding against damage from water, oil and jet fuel, as well.

Resinous concrete coatings are available in low VOC formulas, which means that they are a greener product for concrete aircraft hangar floors. When good quality coating dry, it is as if they are part of the floor structure. There will be no room for water or chemicals to infiltrate the floor, and the floor will remain good looking for a longer period of time.